Achieve SWMO

EU Partnership

Achieve of Southwest Missouri has been working closely with Evangel University’s Education Department for several years.  We have been diligent in exploring various post-secondary models for individuals with disabilities and assessing our community’s needs. 

In April 2019, Achieve of Southwest Missouri and Evangel University solidified a partnership agreement.  The non-profit, Achieve is responsible for the program application, admission, staff and curriculum instruction. Evangel University is a facility partner who offers a beautiful, historic, inclusive facility for Achieve students.  Achieve students are expected to follow EU student rules and have access to all amenities including the cafeteria, library, gymnasium with same age peers who are also learning valuable transition skills.   

Achieve is proud to be able to offer our students a safe, small campus where kindness and compassion are deeply valued and demonstrated by staff, faculty and students. Because Evangel University is the facility partner, Achieve students are exempt from the chapel attendance requirement.