The Program:

According to Think College, a project of the Institute for Community Inclusion at UMass Boston and funded by the office of Postsecondary Education, 5500 students with intellectual disabilities are attending college in the United States. College is a successful pathway to employment. Persons engaged in inclusive higher education saw 135% increase in employment, compared to peers. The college campus and experience are an excellent environment to practice independence and gain responsibility.

Achieve students will receive specialized instruction based on individual person centered planning in the three pillars of the program Life Management; Career Preparation; Self-Determination. In the classroom, students will meet high expectations through a rigorous curriculum that will help them set personal goals based on strengths, abilities and aspirations. Research shows that individuals with disabilities are often underestimated in their abilities to succeed. When given the opportunity to meet higher expectations in tandem with proper supports, students can exceed expectations.

Achieve students are expected to be on campus three days a week from 9:OO AM – 3: 00 PM.  During this time students will be engaged in various work experiences with departments around Evangel campus and spending time in the classroom with other Achieve students.  Achieve students are encouraged to become involved with various campus clubs, activities, and enjoy the campus facilities such as the library and gymnasium outside program time.