What would a typical day look like?

Students will arrive on campus in time to be in the classroom at 9:00 AM. Students will receive classroom instruction until lunch. Students will eat lunch in the student cafeteria with their EU peer mentor. After lunch students will report to a supporting campus department for job skills. Students will return to the classroom in time to be released at […]

Will my child get a job after this program?

Achieve does not guarantee a job at the completion of the program; however, students will spend many hours learning various jobs within many college campus departments such as food service, facilities, athletics, etc. These job experiences focus on work readiness skills as well as specific job tasks. These skills paired with the person-centered approach to our program is designed to […]

Does Achieve provide transportation?

No, we are unable to provide transportation for students. Students are expected to arrive on campus for class to start at 9:00 AM and are expected to be picked up on campus at 3:00 PM. Students will be using public transportation when classwork is off campus.

What if I get accepted and change my mind?

Once you have gone through the application process and receive an acceptance letter you will have 30 calendar days to accept and pay the required $200 deposit. Once the deposit is payed you are officially enrolled. If for some reason you are unable to attend at the start of the program or you are no longer interested in the program, […]

What is the role of parents?

Parent support is imperative for the success of the individual. Parents will be asked to attend an initial parent orientation meeting and two workshops throughout the school year. During these meetings, parents will learn how to best support their student during this transition.